Don’t go to Silent Hill

Our heroine in this latest instalment of the gameturned- movie ‘Silent Hill gets a grim warning much like the above review title half an hour into the film; by the end she’ll wish that she’d listened.

Reach for the Skyfall!

Daniel Craig’s third outing as the world’s most famous spy has opened in its usual October slot, and is probably the most anticipated yet. After the fabulous introduction to the ‘Blonde Bond’ in Casino Royale and the crushing critical disappointment of Quantum of Solace, every Bond fan was hoping for a return to form in Skyfall.

I’m not Taken by this film!

Bryan Mills and his particular set of skills first came to prominence in 2008’s ‘Taken’; a low-budget Euro-actioner that wildly exceeded expectations, made Liam Neeson into the unlikeliest of action stars, and tried to sell audiences the illusion that 20- something Maggie Grace could play a sixteen-year-old.

Looper proves to be unmissable

When Terry Gilliam was casting for his timetravel masterpiece ’12 Monkeys’, Bruce Willis got the part on the proviso he ‘lost the smirk’ as well as many other ‘Willis casting clichés’. He duly did so, and turned in one of his best performances ever.