The Entertainer

Old habits die hard with Michael Porter. “I go into Boots the Chemist and I says to the girl at the counter, Could you give me three condoms, Miss? She replies, ‘Don’t you miss me.’ “Says I, ‘OK then, give me four.’”

An Pósadh

‘Cad é mar atá sibh an tseachtain seo, a chairde?’ How are you this week, folks? “Tá mé féin i gceart” I’m grand myself. “Ghlac mé mo lá saor deireanach den bhliain Dé hAoine” I took my final remaining day’s annual leave on Friday to attend a ‘bainis teaghlaigh’ a family wedding, ‘ar thaobh mo mhná céile’ on my own wife Gina’s side.

How many reps should I do?

Over the last few weeks I have expressed my views on lack of knowledge and interpretation when in the gym environment. This is down to many things but as I stressed knowing the basics in all areas definitely should not be ignored.

Are you dancing?

I had never seen Strictly Come Dancing. Note I say ‘had’, because on Saturday evening I called to see a friend who was engrossed in it and I therefore had to sit through it for almost an hour, not allowed to speak and certainly not allowed to make any criticism.

The O’Neill country

The English First Division’s 1987-88 season was a memorable one. John Barnes had just joined Liverpool and during that first year at Anfield the former Watford player terrorised defences to such an extent that he ran away with the PFA’s Player of the Year award.

A good way to remember

‘Cad é mar atá sibh an tseachtain seo, a chairde?’ How are you keeping this week, folks? ‘Tá mé féin i gceart’ I’m grand myself, if you were wondering. ‘Nach deas an aimsir atá againn le tamall anuas’ hasn’t the weather been surprisingly good this past few weeks?

Carbohydrates pre, post and during exercise

LAST week I talked about the need for liquid during exercise and deciding the correct form for your specific needs. I don’t think there is any argument that this is essential, but what else is needed? To keep it basic our body needs an energy source to perform even just the daily basic tasks.

Is it on yet?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasurable task of updating some new geekware which has come my way. Those of you who have met me will know that it is geekware made by the big Fruit company in the sky since I gave up on the bricks that pertain to be PCs some time ago and cannot bear to be in the same room as any technological object which is not running an IOS operating system.

Finding their niche

The Henry Girls have come a long way since they first beeped on music’s radar back in 2005. On the show which also spawned Mickey Joe Harte unto the world, RTE’s You’re A Star, the Donegal ladies won over audiences with their homely smiles, three-way harmonies and traditional vibe.