I’m not Taken by this film!

Bryan Mills and his particular set of skills first came to prominence in 2008’s ‘Taken’; a low-budget Euro-actioner that wildly exceeded expectations, made Liam Neeson into the unlikeliest of action stars, and tried to sell audiences the illusion that 20- something Maggie Grace could play a sixteen-year-old.

Meon Eile, Clár Ráidió agus Turas Rothaíochta

‘Cad é mar atá sibh an tseachtain seo, a chairde?’ How’s things with you this week, folks? ‘Nach galánta an lá a bhí ann Dé Domhnaigh?’ Wasn’t Sunday a lovely day? ‘Agus ní raibh caill ar an Luan ach an oiread’ and Monday wasn’t bad either. We were waiting for days like that all summer, but they were few and far between.

Hydration in exercise

IT IS not an uncommon sight to see drinking water facilities in workplaces or just even people carrying a bottle of water. We definitely have become more aware of the benefits of drinking water and the need of having water as part of our diet.

Have you got your gutties?

It happened to me two mornings each week for the entire span of my schooldays. Indeed it may still be happening at this very moment but not, I would venture, with the same language except perhaps in what we insultingly called the low country, small towns dotted across the Strangford peninsula in County Down.

The devil’s in the dedils

Once upon a couple of years ago, I found myself holding up a bar at the top of Quay Street in Galway. My father and brother were there, each of us clutching a pint of Guinness and watching/listening to a session in the corner.

Bright lights, big cities

Popularity is easily measured in today’s internet-ruled world – it’s about where you rate in a Google search. If it is the barometer by which success is rated then rock band ‘A Northern Light’ are on the road to big things.

Looper proves to be unmissable

When Terry Gilliam was casting for his timetravel masterpiece ’12 Monkeys’, Bruce Willis got the part on the proviso he ‘lost the smirk’ as well as many other ‘Willis casting clichés’. He duly did so, and turned in one of his best performances ever.

Seoladh Leabhar agus Seisiún Ceoil

‘Cad é mar atá sibh an tseachtain seo, a chairde?’ How are you this week, folks? ‘Tá an aimsir ag titim chun fuachta’ the weather is heading in a colder direction, ‘agus tá na laethanta ag éirí níos gairide’ and the days are getting shorter,

Colour vision defects

THE ability to perceive colour adds an extra dimension to the way we see the world. The process of colour perception starts with the absorbtion of light by small cells known as “Cones” which form part of the retina at the back of the eye.

I do, I think!

Apparently there was a time when you met someone, had a bit of an innocent courtship, decided you could not live without them, and then got married, hoping beyond hope that you would be compatible in all important areas, if you catch my drift.