Terri goes live

STRABANE singer Terri O’Reilly is this week gearing up for the live broadcasts of RTE’s the Voice, having successfully negotiated the Battle Stage of the show yesterday evening.

School children playing deadly ‘fainting’ game

A STRABANE mother has warned that school children are risking their lives through a macabre craze dubbed ‘the pass out challenge’.

Lynette Hegarty spoke out following an incident when her son lost consciousness while attempting the game with friends. Gerard McGarrigle, an 11-year-old pupil at Holy Cross College, was rushed to hospital on Wednesday night after being found unconscious at Springhill Park.

Man endures 25 hour wait in A&E

A STRABANE man who spent 25 hours waiting in Altnagelvin’s accident and emergency department has warned lives are being put at risk.
Stephen Devine, who suffers from cluster migraines or ‘suicide headaches’ as they are commonly known, was referred to the hospital by his GP last month. More than a day after arriving however, he still had not been admitted to a ward.

Young ear bite victim facing major surgery

A CASTLEDERG student will undergo an operation in London this week in a bid to reconstruct an ear which was bitten off by a dog when she was a child. Emma McElchare, 12, will undergo the four-hour operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital tomorrow (Tuesday).

Picking up the bill for charity shops

A BOOM in charity shops across the Strabane District put £45,000 on the local rates bill last year. There are now 24 premises across the District attracting rates exemptions because of their charitable status. Offering tenancy to charity shops has become an increasingly popular option with property owners who still face a 50 per-cent rates bill even when their premises are empty.