Tyrone ACL fixtures released

Owen Roes and Sigersons will clash during round two of the 2018 Tyrone ACL division two season

THE fixtures for the 2018 Tyrone All County League football season have been released by the county board.

The new campaign is set to get underway on Saturday, March 31 when reigning top flight champions Errigal Ciaran will be hoping for a positive start to their title defence when they host Galbally, while the three newly promoted sides all face testing openers as Aghyaran entertain Coalisland, Derrylaughan host last season’s Senior Championship winners, Omagh, and Moy face a derby clash at Clonoe.

In the second flight, meanwhile, Owen Roes first home fixture upon their return to intermediate football, on April 8, will see them take on a Strabane Sigersons side intent on making an immediate return to division one.

The fixtures for divisions one, two and three are as follows

2018 Division 1 ACL Fixtures
Saturday 31st March
Donaghmore v Pomeroy
Derrylaughan v Omagh
Errigal Ciaran v Galbally
Trillick v An Charraig Mhor
Clonoe v Moy
Aghyaran v Coalisland
Dromore v Edendork
Killyclogher v Ardboe
Sunday 8th April
Pomeroy v Derrylaughan
Omagh v An Charraig Mhor
Errigal Ciaran v Donaghmore
Trillick v Galbally
Edendork v Clonoe
Ardboe v Aghyaran
Moy v Dromore
Coalisland v Killyclogher
Sunday 15th April
Ardboe v Pomeroy
Omagh v Edendork
Coalisland v Errigal Ciaran
Moy v Trillick
An Charraig Mhor v Clonoe
Galbally v Aghyaran
Dromore v Derrylaughan
Killyclogher v Donaghmore
Sunday 22nd April
Pomeroy v Moy
Omagh v Coalisland
Edendork v Errigal Ciaran
Trillick v Ardboe
Clonoe v Donaghmore
Aghyaran v Derrylaughan
Dromore v Galbally
Killyclogher v An Charraig Mhor
Friday 27th April
Dromore v Pomeroy
Killyclogher v Omagh
Errigal Ciaran v Clonoe
Aghyaran v Trillick
Derrylaughan v Ardboe
Donaghmore v Edendork
An Charraig Mhor v Coalisland
Galbally v Moy
Sunday 29th April
An Charraig Mhor v Pomeroy
Omagh v Galbally
Derrylaughan v Errigal Ciaran
Trillick v Donaghmore
Ardboe v Clonoe
Aghyaran v Edendork
Coalisland v Dromore
Moy v Killyclogher
Friday 4th May
Pomeroy v Clonoe
Aghyaran v Omagh
Dromore v Errigal Ciaran
Trillick v Killyclogher
Ardboe v An Charraig Mhor
Galbally v Edendork
Coalisland v Derrylaughan
Donaghmore v Moy
Sunday 13th May
Pomeroy v Trillick
Errigal Ciaran v Omagh
Clonoe v Killyclogher
Dromore v Aghyaran
Moy v Ardboe
Edendork v Coalisland
Donaghmore v An Charraig Mhor
Galbally v Derrylaughan
Saturday 26th May
Errigal Ciaran v Pomeroy
Omagh v Trillick
Clonoe v Dromore
Killyclogher v Aghyaran
Ardboe v Coalisland
Edendork v Moy
An Charraig Mhor v Derrylaughan
Donaghmore v Galbally
Saturday 2nd June
Omagh v Pomeroy
Trillick v Errigal Ciaran
Aghyaran v Clonoe
Killyclogher v Dromore
Edendork v Ardboe
Coalisland v Moy
An Charraig Mhor v Galbally
Derrylaughan v Donaghmore
Sunday 10th June
Pomeroy v Coalisland
Moy v Omagh
Errigal Ciaran v Ardboe
Edendork v Trillick
Derrylaughan v Clonoe
Donaghmore v Aghyaran
Dromore v An Charraig Mhor
Killyclogher v Galbally
Sunday 17th June
Pomeroy v Killyclogher
Omagh v Dromore
Aghyaran v Errigal Ciaran
Clonoe v Trillick
Ardboe v Donaghmore
Edendork v Derrylaughan
Galbally v Coalisland
Moy v An Charraig Mhor
Sunday 1st July
Pomeroy v Edendork
Omagh v Ardboe
Errigal Ciaran v Moy
Coalisland v Trillick
Clonoe v Galbally
An Charraig Mhor v Aghyaran
Dromore v Donaghmore
Derrylaughan v Killyclogher
Sunday 29th July
Pomeroy v Aghyaran
Clonoe v Omagh
Killyclogher v Errigal Ciaran
Trillick v Dromore
Galbally v Ardboe
An Charraig Mhor v Edendork
Coalisland v Donaghmore
Moy v Derrylaughan
Sunday 12th August
Galbally v Pomeroy
Donaghmore v Omagh
An Charraig Mhor v Errigal Ciaran
Derrylaughan v Trillick
Coalisland v Clonoe
Aghyaran v Moy
Ardboe v Dromore
Edendork v Killyclogher

2018 Division 2 ACL Fixtures
Saturday 31st March
Urney v Derrytresk
Stewartstown v Aghaloo
Strabane v Loughmacrory
Eglish v Dungannon
Moortown v Cookstown
Gortin v Augher
Kildress v Owen Roes
Tattyreagh v Greencastle
Sunday 8th April
Cookstown v Kildress
Loughmacrory v Eglish
Gortin v Moortown
Greencastle v Stewartstown
Dungannon v Aghaloo
Urney v Tattyreagh
Derrytresk v Augher
Owen Roes v Strabane
Sunday 15th April
Owen Roes v Gortin
Derrytresk v Tattyreagh
Aghaloo v Kildress
Strabane v Cookstown
Dungannon v Stewartstown
Urney v Greencastle
Augher v Eglish
Moortown v Loughmacrory
Sunday 22nd April
Aghaloo v Urney
Eglish v Kildress
Owen Roes v Loughmacrory
Stewartstown v Derrytresk
Strabane v Moortown
Cookstown v Tattyreagh
Gortin v Dungannon
Greencastle v Augher
Friday 27th April
Greencastle v Eglish
Kildress v Moortown
Cookstown v Urney
Loughmacrory v Dungannon
Gortin v Stewartstown
Strabane v Aghaloo
Owen Roes v Derrytresk
Tattyreagh v Augher
Sunday 29th April
Eglish v Gortin
Aghaloo v Owen Roes
Derrytresk v Moortown
Dungannon v Urney
Greencastle v Strabane
Tattyreagh v Stewartstown
Augher v Cookstown
Loughmacrory v Kildress
Friday 4th May
Gortin v Derrytresk
Aghaloo v Greencastle
Urney v Owen Roes
Kildress v Strabane
Dungannon v Tattyreagh
Moortown v Eglish
Augher v Stewartstown
Loughmacrory v Cookstown
Sunday 13th May
Owen Roes v Dungannon
Strabane v Augher
Aghaloo v Eglish
Derrytresk v Kildress
Greencastle v Loughmacrory
Tattyreagh v Gortin
Stewartstown v Cookstown
Urney v Moortown
Saturday 26th May
Dungannon v Derrytresk
Gortin v Strabane
Cookstown v Aghaloo
Eglish v Tattyreagh
Owen Roes v Greencastle
Kildress v Augher
Moortown v Stewartstown
Loughmacrory v Urney
Saturday 2nd June
Tattyreagh v Aghaloo
Augher v Urney
Kildress v Gortin
Derrytresk v Strabane
Stewartstown v Loughmacrory
Eglish v Cookstown
Owen Roes v Moortown
Greencastle v Dungannon
Sunday 10th June
Stewartstown v Owen Roes
Aghaloo v Derrytresk
Dungannon v Augher
Urney v Kildress
Strabane v Eglish
Loughmacrory v Gortin
Moortown v Tattyreagh
Cookstown v Greencastle
Sunday 17th June
Cookstown v Owen Roes
Eglish v Stewartstown
Gortin v Greencastle
Kildress v Tattyreagh
Loughmacrory v Derrytresk
Moortown v Dungannon
Augher v Aghaloo
Strabane v Urney
Sunday 1st July
Augher v Loughmacrory
Tattyreagh v Strabane
Kildress v Dungannon
Moortown v Aghaloo
Eglish v Owen Roes
Stewartstown v Urney
Derrytresk v Greencastle
Cookstown v Gortin
Sunday 29th July
Cookstown v Dungannon
Eglish v Derrytresk
Gortin v Urney
Kildress v Greencastle
Loughmacrory v Aghaloo
Moortown v Augher
Owen Roes v Tattyreagh
Strabane v Stewartstown
Sunday 12th August
Dungannon v Strabane
Derrytresk v Cookstown
Urney v Eglish
Greencastle v Moortown
Aghaloo v Gortin
Augher v Owen Roes
Tattyreagh v Loughmacrory
Stewartstown v Kildress

2018 Division 3 ACL Fixtures
Saturday 31st March
Clan na nGael v Newtownstewart
Clogher v Eskra
Beragh v Drumragh
Brackaville v Glenelly
Castlederg v Drumquin
Dregish v Killeeshil
Rock v Fintona
Killyman v Brockagh
Errigal Ciaran v Bye
Sunday 8th April
Newtownstewart v Errigal Ciaran
Eskra v Brackaville
Dregish v Beragh
Glenelly v Clan na nGael
Drumquin v Clogher
Killeeshil v Castlederg
Fintona v Killyman
Brockagh v Rock
Drumragh v Bye
Sunday 15th April
Killyman v Dregish
Errigal Ciaran v Eskra
Brackaville v Killeeshil
Beragh v Drumquin
Clan na nGael v Fintona
Clogher v Drumragh
Castlederg v Glenelly
Rock v Newtownstewart
Brockagh v Bye
Sunday 22nd April
Killeeshil v Brockagh
Rock v Clan na nGael
Dregish v Clogher
Drumquin v Killyman
Newtownstewart v Castlederg
Glenelly v Beragh
Fintona v Eskra
Errigal Ciaran v Drumragh
Brackaville v Bye
Friday 27th April
Eskra v Rock
Drumragh v Brackaville
Brockagh v Errigal Ciaran
Beragh v Fintona
Castlederg v Clogher
Killyman v Newtownstewart
Clan na nGael v Killeeshil
Glenelly v Dregish
Drumquin v Bye
Sunday 29th April
Clogher v Clan na nGael
Drumragh v Brockagh
Fintona v Drumquin
Killeeshil v Beragh
Brackaville v Killyman
Dregish v Castlederg
Errigal Ciaran v Rock
Newtownstewart v Eskra
Glenelly v Bye
Friday 4th May
Eskra v Glenelly
Rock v Drumragh
Beragh v Errigal Ciaran
Brockagh v Brackaville
Castlederg v Clan na nGael
Drumquin v Dregish
Clogher v Newtownstewart
Killeeshil v Killyman
Fintona v Bye
Sunday 13th May
Killyman v Rock
Clan na nGael v Drumquin
Errigal Ciaran v Clogher
Drumragh v Killeeshil
Brackaville v Fintona
Glenelly v Brockagh
Newtownstewart v Beragh
Eskra v Dregish
Castlederg v Bye
Saturday 19th May
Rock v Castlederg
Drumragh v Eskra
Beragh v Brackaville
Fintona v Glenelly
Killyman v Errigal Ciaran
Brockagh v Clan na nGael
Newtownstewart v Drumquin
Clogher v Killeeshil
Dregish v Bye
Saturday 26th May
Drumquin v Drumragh
Killeeshil v Fintona
Glenelly v Newtownstewart
Clan na nGael v Killyman
Rock v Dregish
Beragh v Clogher
Errigal Ciaran v Brackaville
Brockagh v Castlederg
Eskra v Bye
Saturday 2nd June
Brackaville v Rock
Castlederg v Killyman
Drumquin v Brockagh
Dregish v Newtownstewart
Errigal Ciaran v Fintona
Eskra v Beragh
Drumragh v Clan na nGael
Killeeshil v Glenelly
Clogher v Bye
Sunday 17th June
Dregish v Clan na nGael
Fintona v Clogher
Beragh v Brockagh
Newtownstewart v Drumragh
Rock v Killeeshil
Errigal Ciaran v Glenelly
Brackaville v Drumquin
Castlederg v Eskra
Killyman v Bye
Sunday 1st July
Eskra v Drumquin
Clogher v Brockagh
Newtownstewart v Brackaville
Fintona v Dregish
Drumragh v Castlederg
Killyman v Beragh
Glenelly v Rock
Killeeshil v Errigal Ciaran
Clan na nGael v Bye
Saturday 21st July
Brockagh v Fintona
Drumquin v Killeeshil
Beragh v Rock
Errigal Ciaran v Dregish
Clogher v Killyman
Brackaville v Castlederg
Eskra v Clan na nGael
Drumragh v Glenelly
Newtownstewart v Bye
Sunday 29th July
Brackaville v Clogher
Drumquin v Errigal Ciaran
Clan na nGael v Beragh
Dregish v Drumragh
Brockagh v Newtownstewart
Fintona v Castlederg
Killeeshil v Eskra
Glenelly v Killyman
Rock v Bye
Saturday 4th August
Castlederg v Errigal Ciaran
Killyman v Eskra
Brockagh v Dregish
Newtownstewart v Killeeshil
Rock v Clogher
Glenelly v Drumquin
Clan na nGael v Brackaville
Drumragh v Fintona
Beragh v Bye
Sunday 12th August
Castlederg v Beragh
Dregish v Brackaville
Eskra v Brockagh
Killyman v Drumragh
Clan na nGael v Errigal Ciaran
Drumquin v Rock
Clogher v Glenelly
Fintona v Newtownstewart
Killeeshil v Bye

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