Mind over a matter of Mondays

Shauna O Donnell addresses the Mindset Monday-ers.

MINDSET Tuesday just wouldn’t have the same ring to it. Ditto, Wednesday, Thursday etc etc.

Monday though, as a day to unplug from the cyber-hive, kick back for an hour and listen to a wholly positive message… Mondays are perfect.

Mindset MONDAY last took place recently at the Alley Theatre, but the plan is that they will run for the foreseeable future, in a bid to help local people deal with the stresses of modern life.

Let’s face it, the stresses of modern life can be significant, especially when this particular Mindset Monday took place on the day after Tyrone’s dismemberment at the hands of Dublin. Mondays, the associated stresses of modern life AND an All-Ireland beating… the town’s atmosphere was bleak.

And yet, anyone who attended the last gathering will undoubtedly contend that it was an utterly uplifting experience.
Hosted by clinical hypnotherapist and advanced rapid transformational therapist, Shauna O Donnell, Mindset Monday brought together a whole spectrum of ages, from ebullient young reporters, to near-pension aged photographers, and everyone in-between.

“It’s about learning to be able to relax,” Shauna previously summed up the ethos of the event.

“I work with people who suffer from anxiety, depression and stress and help them recover,  without the need for long term medication.

“I work with people from all over the world but I am passionate about giving something valuable back to my own community, one that has supported me throughout my lifetime. The overarching theme of these sessions is that they will be fun, interactive and interesting for everyone.”
And, in short, Shauna’s session was all of these things and more.

First of all, the Strabane woman explained what the session would entail and we all unwound in the Alley auditorium, itself almost alien as, unusually for the visiting punters, all the lights were on.

Then Shauna talked a little about the primeval human need to be connected to others, as a primer for what was to come. She emphasised too that a person being forcibly disconnected can have severely negative implications for their… mindset.

More interestingly though, Shauna subsequently took the Mindset Monday-ers through a series of five strategies on how to deal with the negative people (and all their associated negative vibes) who hove into one’s life, as they attempt sometimes to initiate that disconnect. 

Honestly, and personally, I’m only thankful I don’t have too many of such people impinging on my daily beatitude but I can see how these techniques could work a treat in general. 

If, for example, someone says you’re fat, ugly, or thick as pig manure, apparently the best thing to do is defer ownership of that comment (or comments). 

In other words, lay it to one side and not allow it into your life. Your response to that should be, “Thank you for sharing that.” And, as Elsa in Frozen would say, let it go.

Shauna’s stratagems continued in this vein and there followed a short question and answer session on the same topic. One man (who shall remain nameless as I don’t know his name), wondered, with there being so much negativity in the world (in terms of wars, natural disasters and Stormont) how a normal person can remain positive. Shauna replied earnestly that, as positivity breeds positivity, it’s up to each and everyone one of us to broadcast our own positivity unto the universe. A bold consideration.
The affable Shauna wrapped up Mindset Monday with a 20-minute, guided meditation – breathing exercises, focus and relaxation – and barring handing out free beers, crisps and sandwiches – this was the perfect end to what was an entirely enjoyable experience.

Let’s face it again, the stresses of modern life can be significant. But with Mindset Mondays, Shauna’s astute guidance and a smidgen of one’s own zeal for back-up, these stresses are absolutely surmountable.

Be positive and positivity will follow.
• The next Mindset Monday will take place on Monday October 1 at 1.30pm in the Alley Theatre in Strabane.

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