Homes evacuated in the Springhill area

A number of homes have been evacuated due to a security alert in the Springhill area.
Army bomb disposal experts have been called to examine a suspicious object that was found in Springhill Park.
Springhill Park has been closed to traffic.
A police spokesperson said the nearby Springhill Community Centre has been made available for residents who have been forced to leave their homes.

Cars broken into in Carrick Strand area

Police in Strabane are advising car owners to ensure their cars are securely locked when parked up at night following two reports of unlocked cars being entered in the Carrick Strand area in the early hours of Friday.

Time for parties to move on from row

IN THE wake of last week’s very public row with Sinn Féin’s Karina Carlin, SDLP councillor Patsy Kelly has said it is time for both parties to move on.

Cost of flying the Union flag

STRABANE’S taxpayers are forking out thousands of pounds to fly the Union flag behind closed doors where virtually no one can see it.