Deaths revealed in ‘passing out’ challenge

​THE mother of a 16-year-old boy who died after taking part in the “passing out challenge” has this week spoken of her loss.
Gill Ayre, from Brighton in England lost her son Harry to the so-called game nearly three years ago. She was prompted to contact the Strabane Chronicle after a local lad was hospitalised last week. Gerard McGarrigle, an 11-year-old pupil at Holy Cross College in Strabane, was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious at Springhill Park in the town.

Family of missing man resigned to searching for body

THE family of missing Douglas Bridge man, Pat Duffy have said they are now searching for a body.
Mr Duffy, who has now been missing in London for over a month, was last seen on February 10 walking on to a bridge past The Six Bells pub in the Brentford area of the city. Searches of the area have revealed nothing however CID have also said their investigations are now for a body and that they are not treating the incident as suspicious.

Payday loans are adding to crippling debt

A DEBT advice service believes “irresponsible lending” is rife in the Strabane area.
Speaking in the wake of this week’s development where the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) reported firms to the Competition Commission over allegations of the same, Michael Lyttle of Debt Action NI says lenders have stooped to harassment when it comes to recouping loans.

Alcohol awareness to the fore this weekend

POLICE in Strabane say they will “proactively and robustly deal with trouble makers,” this St Patrick’s Day.

Also reminding licensees of their responsibilities ahead of this year’s festivities, licensing officer for G District Paul Larkin says inaction in relation to binge drinking contributes to a significant level of disorder visible on the streets.

Dicing with death

A MACABRE new craze, ‘the pass out challenge’, which involves children knocking each other unconscious, could have been going on in Strabane for months, local community workers have claimed.